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Supplementary design services

Our Company specializes in developing advanced web systems and solutions. A rare combination of creativity and technology enables us to provide interactive solutions that broaden the exposure to the brand and increase income from digital activities.

The Division’s solutions are focused on the user experience, the content and the graphical design. The combination of these three domains enables the creation of innovative and novel solutions that suit the unique requirements of each organization.

The design, production and marketing writing teams, in conjunction with the development teams, accompany each project from the stage of market strategy formulation and building up the concept, through the selection of the appropriate presentation tool and up to and including the desired digital presence. We specialize in the profiling and development of complex projects in the Internet environment, e-Commerce systems, image websites, social websites, and intranet systems.

We make use of advanced technologies and up to date standards while maintaining high standards of stability and data security.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on the profiling process and on selecting the design concept, for the personal adaptation of the solution and the requirements presented by the customer. The work process and system development is carried out using a methodology that includes cooperation and full transparency vis-avis the customer throughout all the stages of the project.

We turn the design language into an interactive system with a unique digital appearance that motivates surfers and site visitors into action. We believe in clean, fresh and dignified design that will properly represent the brand or the organization to existing or potential customers.

  • Branding

    What is a brand? Well, it's more than just a logo. It's what you and your clients see at the front end of your services, a vital component to your current and future success. We know that you want awareness for your brand, but it is not the only thing that matters. Today, with the emergence of the new social media networks, customers become more aware of what good or bad branding is. As part of our service, we can help you deliver the message you want. Whether it is friendly and relaxed or professional and corporate, we'll create it!

  • Print

    As part of our studio services, we provide a complementary solution for your brand. We will make sure your brand design is consistent across all platforms and markets including print products. Our print design service includes Business Cards, Brochures, Books, Packaging, Exhibition Displays Posters and Flyers.

  • 3D

    The Kamedia 3D designers specialize in creating 3D models to intensify the user experience in the Internet world, as part of websites, image promotion video clips, concept sites in combination with motion, presentations and demonstrations to customers and investors. The combination of elements is able to impart a unique and different appearance to the website, whether as part of the user interface or as part of a presentation and illustration of products and services offered by the company.

  • Photograpy

    Here at Kamedia, we believe that images are an inseparable part of a rich graphic world. For this purposes we have a qualified professional photographer for every digital need. Whether you require still life, interiors / exteriors, architectural, fashion or any other photo, we are here to deliver. In most cases your marketing products are the first contact with a potential customer, Images could be the make or break of your business and here, at Kamedia, we can help create a unique, high quality finish to turn hits into a sale.

  • Social Media

    Social media can be a great way of building awareness for your brand, By effectively communicating with your customers, you can turn casual discussions into advocates of your services and products. But the world of social media can be a scary and confusing place. Just as you think you've nailed the 'Like' and 'Tweet', something new comes along and complicates all of it again. If you think social media would help your marketing strategy but you do not know what to do, why to do it, or who to target, give us a call and we will be happy to help!

  • Motion Design

    Motion design is a combination of all the tools available to the graphic designer – creativity, design and motion. With the development of the Internet and Bandwidth expansion, users now consume more video-based information than ever before, Short video clips are therefore powerful tools, far more than any picture or text. The design studio people at Kamedia are expert at creating image promotion video clips for companies, investor presentations and other projects in the field of media that include motion. The key words in all these fields are creativity and innovation.

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