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EAPC enterprise information portal is used as the main unified access point for all organization information resources. The portal allows centralized management of knowledge assets making it accessible to employees and managers based on their role and rank... For more details

Citylight is Launched

Citylight is a company who market advanced lighting systems....
Check the project page.

EAPC Portal

EAPC enterprise information portal is used as the main unified access point for all organization... Check the project page.

jQuery Plugin finder

Developed in order to solve the tedious work of finding the right plugin for the right job. The plugin repository has gorgeous dynamic and responsive interface. Plugins are categorized in sections and tagged for quick retrieval, build in search engine for quick plugin access. For more Details

Talmud Aviv for Beit Hillel

Talmud Aviv is a new social platform that encourage a deep discussion of topical issues. Check the project page

Shapir Learning

Kamedia developed a Course Management Portal for Shafir Civil Engineering. Check the project page

Kamedia Technology Services Ltd

The company specializes in the provision of professional computerization services, media and interactive solutions and advanced software development services. The Company’s activities focus on strategic consulting in the fields of information technology... For more details

Slaeulary is Launched

Saleulary is a Unique marketing platform for Advertisers and independent businesses.
Check the project page.

Shapir Project Mangement

Kamedia developed a Project Management Portal for Shafir Civil Engineering.

New from Kamedia Lab- a cloud based system for managing personnel recruitment and placement

The CVMatch Personnel Recruitment System is a web based tool for streamlining and automating the personnel recruitment and placement process. The system facilitates the automatic... For more Details

New WebSite for Boss Software Solutions

powered by our market leading content management solution KamediaCMS... See more

Heads is Launched

An online fashion magazine for Heads hairdressing salon chain
click to see more

A social projects management system

WorkSpaces is a web based project management, document management and decision making support system. The system was developed with the objective of providing the project team with an advanced tool for management... learn more

Kamedia CMS Ver 2.0

A new version of our leading market CMS has been released. KamediaCMS, now in a new version including new features: Multilanguage content, new advertising campaigns engine, enhanced template system and integrated search engine optimization. For more details


Visit our lab page for more information about our latest projects For more details

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