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Kamedia Technological Services Ltd. specializes in the setting up and development of business systems and core organizational systems that are constructed in accordance with our customers’ unique requirements. With over 10 years’ experience in developing systems for large and medium sized organizations, we implement exclusive development methodologies and work structures aimed at delivering high standards of software development while brightly highlighting the business aspect in every solution that we implement.

We supply a comprehensive solution, from the stage of gathering user requirements, through characterizing the needs of the organization and reviewing the work processes and up to and including the development of the product, quality testing, and the commissioning of the final product. The systems that we develop are aimed at operation in multi-user environments, under high loads, and providing the flexibility required to interface to third party systems.

We place a great deal of emphasis on the profiling and development stages, on the user interface and the user experience out of an understanding that these significantly reduce training and implementation costs of the system in the organization.

In addition to taking full responsibility for the development and implementation of the solution, we are able to put, at the disposal of the customer, information system experts and software engineers who leverage

our exclusive development methodology, to work at the customer’s premises and under the customer’s direct management. In this manner, we enable maximum flexibility and a solution to the variable needs of each customer Development Technologies:

Microsoft Platform:
VB, C#, .Net, Sharepoint, LINQ, WPF, Win Forms

IBM: Development in the following Environments:
LotusNotes, Websphere, Sametime, QuickPlace

Java Platforms:
J2EE, J2ME, Swing, XSLT, SOA Web services

Internet and Cloud Computerization:
Google App Engine, ASP Classic, ASP.Net, PHP, Microsoft Azure

SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, FoxPro.

While working in conjunction with the development teams, the business processes, the existing data sources and the infrastructure are laid out. We convert all these into clear software specifications and implement them in an embedded and efficient work process, through cooperation and full transparency with the customer.

  • Net. Development

    Web sites are the most effective and convenient platform for business interaction with customers, vendors and sub-contractors. We specialize in the design, profiling and setting up of web sites and web based information systems that reflect the company’s values and assist in realizing its business potential. We create image sites, virtual stores and e-Commerce sites that constitute the business front line of your company on the Internet.

  • User Experience (UX)

    Our leading design teams and experienced software engineers work together in a user centric development approach. User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are fundamental elements in every software or product we create. The result is intuitive, user friendly design that enhances the experience and engages the end users. A positive user experience reduces the cost associated with users training and overall deployment and contribute greatly to the success of the end product.

  • User Centered Development

    We offer development services. The development process that we conduct commences with the gathering of user requirements and a review of the work processes. System analysts and software engineers analyze the existing problems in the process and propose computerized alternatives to shorten execution time, data gathering, and creating business insight from the accumulated data, while maintaining simplicity and ease of operation of the system

  • Migration & Re-engineering

    In today's economic climate, businesses are constantly evolving and expanding to new locations and domains. Most of those businesses are still running on legacy systems, creating a constant need for modernization and upgrades. As part of our development service, we help our client in migrating their legacy systems from old technologies to present day platforms through our software migration and re-engineering services.

  • User Interface (UI)

    Websites are a fundamental part of any organization’s activity. It can be for selling new products, targeting new audience or promoting your brand. Every website has a goal. Here at Kamedia we will help you identify the goal of your website and design it to fulfill your needs. We believe in a clean online environment, particularly when it comes to web design. Many websites are overworked with heavy content, ill-considered typography and layout. If you are looking for a company to create a unique online experience for you and your brand then you came to the right place.

  • Usability Testing

    As part of our development services, we offer software testing and validation. The process is regarded as being highly beneficial in determining whether the whole development process was a success or a failure by comparing the functionalities and features of the product with those stipulated in the requirements provided by the client. The Software testing includes functional and regression testing, GUI and usability testing, accessibility testing, compatibility testing, system/integration testing, user acceptance testing (UAT) and more.

  • Trainings & Change management

    The success of a new software system depends, to a large extent, upon the success of the implementation and training process for the system. Studies indicate that one of the major reasons for the failure of software projects is not related to the development process but rather deficiencies in the training and implementation process. As part of the software group services, we provide implementation and training services imparted to senior managers and down to the last employee. We specialize in adapting the training process to the organizational culture and creating efficient and effective processes.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Application maintenance is a daunting task for business. They are under pressure to reduce expenditure on maintenance, while ensuring optimized performance of their technology systems and applications. As part of our application maintenance service, we collaborate with our clients to understand their business needs and technology challenges, Our goal is to identify the most effective maintenance approach that will help them reduce costs, minimize risks and achieve improved ROI from their applications. Our solutions range from the implementation of new features, configuration management, troubleshooting and bug fixing and performance management.

  • Software Architecture & BA

    We are expert in Business Analysis (BA) and Software Architecture design process. Our teams start the process by identifying business needs and determining the best technology solutions to address these needs. The Business Analysis phase is the first and most important part of the software development cycle and results in the vision, requirements and specification of the future software. Next step is the software architecture phase, where we determine the structure, technologies, tools, approaches and user interface of the future software based on the software requirements.

  • Data improvement & Conversion

    Many organizational systems are based upon information accumulated in the databases used to produce business insight and support decision making. It is therefore vitally important that the information in these systems be accurate, up to date and reliable. As part of the data intake process from external systems and the keying in of data by workers in the organization, the integrity and reliability of the information is eroded with time. In order to successfully contend with this situation, we offer a data enhancement and enrichment service conducted using automated logical processes.

Kamedia offers its clients a range of supplementary design services. branding, photography, 3D modeling, social networks and print.

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