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Kamedia CMS Content management system
Kamedia CMS- Helps You Deliver a unique Online Experiences

KamediaCMS makes the authoring and delivery of content easy. You no longer need an HTML expert to update your website content. The system assists users in efficiently building, arranging and maintaining content rich websites. Our system eliminates the need for costly site maintenance, allowing you to manage the content by yourself.

KamediaCMS is designed to allow your company to deliver engaging, multi-channel customer experiences that drive your online business success. Our CMS allows you to convert your static page data to dynamic page, manage content via HTML, update the web site content and easily add graphics to content.

KamediaCMS integrated search engine optimizes your website indexing using Google and other search engines. The result is a higher ranking on the search results. Achieving a good search result ranking is an effective way to organically increase your website traffic.

Grow Your Sales On-line

Start selling on-line and grow your business with kamediaCMS E-commerce solution.

Boost your business Productivity

Quickly launch your new intranet and customize it as you need with kamediaCMS.

Attract More Visitors

Keep your users informed through Sharing content in RSS, emails and weekly newsletter.

Some of our CMS Features
Page Management

Create unlimited number of pages and arrange the content of each page the way you want. Base your pages on design templates created specifically for your organization.

Web Link Management

KamediaCMS provides a simple and intuitive way to link to resources, such asother pages on your website, images and other uploaded files or content anywhere on the Web. You can sort your links into categories and tags and count every click.

Manage Galleries

Galleries provides you with an intuitive way to incorporate photos into a manageable showcase. Whether you wish to create an online portfolio, or simply want to share some photos, with the KamediaCMS galleries module you can create the most suitable slideshow for your web site.

Embed Videos and Music

Beside images, you can enrich your website by embedding YouTube videos, Flash or music files. Label your videos with standard descriptive fields and group them with tags and categories to create interactive media libraries.

Template Management

Templates are a powerful way to customize the look of your site and control your page layout. With templates you can create as many types of pages as you need in your site. You can utilize the predefine templates in the system or create templates of your own. With our template system, you are only limited by your own creativity.

User Profiles and Groups

User profiles are an integrated part of any modern Internet or community site. KamediaCMS allows you to create user profiles, enable users to register to your site and manage their profiles.

Manage Polls

Encourage visitors to your site to become active with the KamediaCMS Poll module, Each poll may contain any number of options. You can set how many answers the user can respond with or who he can vote for .

Control your Site Structure

The Menu Manager allows you to create as many menus and menu items as you need. With our menu system, you can structure your site hierarchy by nesting your menu item as deep as you need. Put one menu in multiple places on your site and style your menus as you like.

Easily Create Articles

Create rich content with our built-in MS Word like editor. It provides all the formatting features you will need to create interesting and attractive content, including bullet points, tables and pre-defined CSS styles. You can easily add images, video and create links to internal or external content.

Social Media

Control your multiple channels from our integrated social module. Spread your messages to Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. Reuse existing Web assets (content, images, etc.) and control your content using one central tool.

Modules Framework

Extend you Website with our Modules Framework. Need more functionality on your website? You didn't find the exact feature you need on our list? With the KamediaCMS module extender we can develop and integrate any new feature to your core website so you will be able to manage your entire online strategy with one central tool.

Promotional Events

KamediaCMS events module allows you to promote and schedule your events, and receive feedback once your event is over. Display your conferences, seminars, on-line webinars in a calendar fashion or interactive slideshow. A successful promotional event will gain online attention and maximize awareness.

Spread your News

Use our news module to create interactive tickers or scrollers. Display featured news as text or image and control the time period to display the news. Link your news to pages on your website or content on the web.

Built for Everyone

With our CMS Language Manager, you are able to enter and edit content in any languages supported by UTF-8 encoding. KamediaCMS supports languages that read from right to left (RTL) so you can set both left to right (LTR) and right to left (RTL) content in a single web site.

Media Manager

The Media Manager is where you can easily manage your media files or folders. You can add media files to your articles, text blocks and any other content elements directly from the rich integrated Editor.

Control your Site Settings

With the KamediaCMS control panel you can customize almost every aspect of your site settings. You can run general scripts, add SEO meta tags, customize your site logo, mailing settings and much more

Manage Users

KamediaCMS has a registration system that allows users to manage content based on their. There are various types of user authorizations regarding what users are allowed to access, edit, publish and administrate. Every user can be assigned to any number of roles. While there are pre-defined roles in KamediaCMS you can easily define your own roles and grant them user authorizations

Start Two-Way Conversations

Cultivate your brand's community and empower members to act on your content with KamediaCMS Forums and Community module. Publish your personal blogs and receive readers’ comments. Integrate forums into your website and enable visitors to participate in discussions and share their opinions. Share your content through RSS feeds and keep your audience aware of new content with email notifications and subscriptions.

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