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In the labor market where worker mobility is rife, an effective recruitment process is a real necessity in order to provide a rapid response to the dynamic needs of the organization and to support business processes. The CVMatch Personnel Recruitment System is a web based tool for streamlining and automating the personnel recruitment and placement process. The system facilitates the automatic input of CVs from a range of diverse sources, managing and tracking positions, creating a candidate database and carrying out smart correlation between candidates and positions and vice versa. CVMatch assists in streamlining and improving the CV screening process and enables a brief and quality recruitment process that reduces the high costs involved in locating and recruiting a candidate.

The challenges of the recruitment process

CVMatch provides a solution to the two major challenges of the recruitment process. The screening and filing of CVs that flow into the recruitment team and locating the CV of the most suitable candidate for the vacant job. All this is done while automatically tracking and documenting the recruitment process, and referring the considered opinion regarding the candidates to the relevant office position holders in the recruitment process. Upon the conclusion of the recruitment process, all the information accumulated regarding the candidate will be available in his personal file for retrieval and interrogation.

Cross browser experience

CVMatch based on a standard web browser and does not require special installation. This flexibility enables any authorized user to login using a user name and password from any location at any time.

App advantages

A combination of a short learning curve and a rapid implementation program create a perfect solution for lateral management and control of a number of recruitment projects in parallel, savings in recruitment costs, increase in team output and management of data accumulated in the worker recruitment process.

App Services
Intake of CVs

CVMatch presents a unique mechanism for cataloguing CVs. When a CV file is sent by email to the system, or is added by means of a dedicated online form, an automatic process of identification and analysis of predefined key words commences. These criteria can include residential area, employment experience, education, skills, etc. Upon the completion of the process, the CVs are stored in the system for rapid retrieval when a position with appropriate criteria opens up. This preliminary screening significantly reduces the period of time required to locate suitable candidates for positions existing in the system.


The key to locating and recruiting personnel is a quality and reliable database of candidates. The candidates file in CVMatch contains all the personal details of the candidate as scanned from the CV file or updated by the recruitment coordinator. A simple yet effective mechanism enables the documentation of considered opinions and interview summations, which can later on be distributed directly from the candidate’s file to those requesting the position be filled (managers or customers). The candidate database includes the storage of relevant documents (the results of tests, CVs, interview summations, etc.) and a stored history.


Individual management of job characteristics enables the rapid matching of the relevant candidates to the available position. CVMatch enables the precise recording of the terms offered for the job, and threshold conditions that the candidate must meet. Through CVMatch it is possible to obtain a general status picture regarding the state of the jobs in the system, the number of open jobs, percentage success in recruitment, etc.

User Authorizations

Each user is given authorization for personal access relevant for his work. The various levels of authorization ensure that the user can only carry out what is required of him in the project: Viewing of data only or the addition and updating of records in the system. A log of the details of the person generating the record and the names of those updating the record are kept in the system.

Locating Candidates

The process of matching the candidate to the job and vice versa forms the foundation of the system. The bidirectional matching process interconnects between the requirements of the job and the terms offered for the candidate’s skills. The identification of the most suitable candidates improves the quality of the recruitment and shortens the duration of the process. CVMatch enables the location of candidates for the job (and vice versa) based on various parameters set for the search, the flagging of suitable candidates and the opening of the recruitment process in the system.

Control Panel & Reports

Analysis tools and reports allow the formulation of an encompassing picture regarding the recruitment process, the jobs and the candidates in the system. CVMatch enables the identification of strengths and weaknesses, in the recruitment process, through the analysis of quantitative data in the system. Indexes such as the effectiveness of recruitment sources, the time required to close a particular job, the functions required, leading companies etc. assist the recruitment team to identify weak points in the process and the points that require improvement.

Storage & Security

CVMatch implements advanced technologies and infrastructure that ensure a high level of availability and service. The system is operated from a modern server farm that enables continuous backup and rapid response times to any problem or system failure. The system is protected by a firewall and an intrusion detection system and incorporates an SSL technology encryption system for purposes of data security during operation time at remote sites.

Managers & Customers

The transparency created and the updating of managers enables a real time response and reference on the part of all the entities involved in the recruitment process. The manager who opened the recruitment requisition can view the quantity of open jobs in real time, as well as the number of candidates for each job and the status of the recruitment process. The system significantly streamlines the communications and assists in shortening the recruitment process and finding the most suitable candidate for the job in the shortest possible time. The system enables managers, who have appropriate user authorization, to view the status of recruitment by the various positions and accept or reject candidates.

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