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Kamedia Digital Experiance Platform
The success of any digital brand depends on a strong execution foundation.
With K-Vision(TM) you can deliver rich and secure experiences
to your customers, partners and employees.

Kamedia Vision - Unified Experience Solution

Unified Experience Solution

With our build-in unified experience feature, you'll evolve beyond your omnichannel strategy unifying data, interactions, and digital experiences across touchpoints.

Combining AI, channel data, and design, You'll be able to deliver a unified contextually aware experience providing personalized engagement across our build in channels.

Kamedia Vision - Funnel driven

Funnel driven

From first interaction to brand loyalty, K-VisionTM was designed for multiple funnel management.

Whether it is a B2B, B2C, or Direct to Customer (D2C) engagement, our experience platform is designed to enable the composition, management, delivery, and optimization of contextualized activities across multi-experience segment journeys.

Kamedia Vision - Content Orchestration

Content Orchestration

With K-VisionTM content orchestration, you can build and guide your prospects & customers through a multichannel, personalized experience from a single digital asset management (DAM) source.

Using our built-in real-time analytics & insights center, you'll monitor and improve your content strategy and prove the ROI of your content at a granular level by topic keywords and metadata.

Kamedia Vision - Engagement Automation

Engagement Automation

Automatically engage customers across touchpoints with our build in automation engagement designer.

Evolve beyond email and marketing automation integrating our building modules with third-party data to deliver context-aware triggering and experience.

Kamedia Vision - Cross organization

Cross organization

A wide organizational approach is needed to create value and deliver a unified experience in today's experience economy.

K-VisionTM is designed bottom-up to enable cross-organization collaboration, aligning the back office operation with the front office delivery supporting the 360 view of the customer needs.

One System, Endless Possibilities.

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