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 Digital Experience Platform

Service, Sales & Next level
CRM platform

Excel your front office, grow your customer base, boost your sales.

By having a CRM at the core of K-vision™, you can offer a dynamic and tailored experience. Combine the power of customer behavior, product data, and predictive decision to connect your leads to marketing activities, track and win deals, manage customer engagement and Simplify self-service activities.

Sell and support smarter, better and faster

Supprot your sales and service team with their primary goal, deliver an unforgettable experience from sales cycle to engaging service.

It is time to sell and support your
customers smarter, better and faster.

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Key features of our CRM solution

Sales Rep Support

Reps see exactly what each customer sees on your site, from real-time order history to their personalized content and recommendations.

Deal Management

Close more deals in less time. Track what stage your deals are currently in, and seize every opportunity at the optimal moment.

Email Integration

Create customizable email templates & share them with your team. evaluate template performance & optimize accordingly.

Lead Management

Easily create leads from any source, including Social media and business cards. Reduce manual data entry and start working on your sales leads immediately!

Connect Front Office Teams

Share sales, Service and Marketing updates. Enable your teams to deliver great experience to your customers.

Loyalty Score Alerts

Track the health of each account with smart alerts and automated scoring process.

Dynamic Guided Selling

With Guided Selling, reps start their day with a list of perfectly prioritized next best offers and sales actions.

360° Contact View

Contact data from every angle, including conversations, call notes, social presence and web activity.

Take Your CRM to the Next-Level

With K-Vision digital experience platform extended modules


Built on top of K-Vision DXP

Deliver unique experiences with deep personalization across your global stores and marketplace.

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Websites & CMS

Built on top of K-Vision DXP

Unlock your creativity and build powerful web solutions to manage content and make your business stand out.

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Conferences & Events

Built on top of K-Vision DXP

Simplify your virtual, in-person, or hybrid events planning in our omnichannel experience platfom.

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Marketing Automation

Built on top of K-Vision DXP

Do more than automating your email and SMS and make meaningful connections with your customers.

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