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Evolve With Data

Data & Analytics Strategy

Evolve and improve your business outcomes with our future proof data driven and predictive models

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Evolve Your Business with our Data Services Insights

We help our clients accelerate business transformation through the application of data and analytics expertise across three key domain areas: Data Strategy, Data Operation, and Data Innovation


Organizations that want a smooth transition to becoming data-driven, need a plan for advancing their digital transformation journey and treating data as a corporate asset. We offer strategic data consulting, identifying the right data platform, operating models, and bring about a cultural change towards becoming a true data-driven, information-centric organization.

Data Strategy Data Driven culture Map Data Operational Model Data Infrastructure Design Data Democratization Plan

Accelerate Digital
with Data

It’s widely accepted that data is a key enabler for digital assets success, but not all businesses collect and analyze those data points. As part of our services, we help our customers identify and leverage data to optimize their digital activities, including product & process improvement, user digital profiling, data point journey mapping, and data integration plan, customer data warehouse.

Customer 360O Profile Personalization models product improvement plan Data points analysis Improved user flow Improved overall conversation

Data Maturity

By measuring the effectiveness of data management capabilities, identifying high-value opportunities, and finding actionable recommendations, we help our customers to get one step closer to unlocking the power of their data as an asset, for deep domain experience and advanced analytics capabilities.

Technology maturity assessment Data governance gap analysis Advanced analytics assessment

Data Platforms

While many organizations today rely on various data science platforms, they often lack the resources to optimize their spending. We assist our customers in optimizing their workloads and process. As a result, our customers receive maximum performance and scalability based on their resources and business goals.

Data Architecture

Based on our analysis of your existing data and application characteristics, integration requirements, operational requirements, and security needs, we’ll provide you with expert guidance on data architecture, including database design, transaction, and infrastructure solution options.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is the infrastructure for effective information management and insightful decision making. We support BI development by mapping information resources, data transforming, and analytics tools deployment.

Data Engineering

We support successful data engineering activities by helping our customers make headway in effectively administering, operating, and monitoring both structured and unstructured data, including data cleaning, data validation, data transformation, and ongoing maintenance.

Data Management

We can help your business capitalize on the power of data analytics and reach your strategic goals, with our data management services including strategy optimization and forecasting, performance research and trends exploration, budget projection, financial planning, customer analytics and advanced reporting.

Big Data
& IOT Integration

With big data integration services, we help our customers incorporate, analyze and store multiple data sources, like IOT sensors data stream, user behavioral interactions, social media information and so on, the integrated data is used for advanced real time predictive analytic modeling.

Data Driven

Delivering personalized content, recommendations, and experiences are the keys to business success in today’s competitive environment. We support our customers by successfully creating data models to understand their consumers and create relevant messaging and sale opportunities from the initial awareness stages through physical and digital interactions to the support and loyalty activities.